Compact Catheters

Compact catheters are catheters that are designed to take up as little room as possible. They’re usually very discreet and very small. You’ll likely have to put in a bit more work when using them – some catheters telescope or unwind like a fishing line – but honestly, if the product is well-designed, you probably won’t notice. Compact catheters are also usually pre-lubricated, because it would defeat the point for you to need to carry lubrication around with you – that’s just more bulky stuff for you to carry around with the catheter.

There are drawbacks, though. Compact catheters can be shorter than average catheters because size is such a concern. Both the male and the female Speedicath Compact, for example, are shorter than the industry average, so their products may not work for everyone. And unfortunately, many compact products are not accessible for individuals with low dexterity. Many compact catheter designs favor portability and compactness over the inclusion of infection controls, which is an unfortunate consequence of trying to scale things down as much as possible. That being said, the Hollister Vapro Plus Pocket is a good example of a compact design that manages to incorporate a full-length catheter, low-dexterity friendly features, and a full-suite of infection control features.

Compact catheters are expensive, and your typical insurance reimbursement may not be enough to cover these catheters.

Compact catheters that have been reviewed on this site include:

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