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Cure Medical was founded by Bob Yant in Newport Beach, California in 2007, making it one of the younger companies that are covered on this site. Bob is a quadriplegic with a C-5 level injury; his personal experience with spinal cord injury (SCI/D) and catheters have played a large role in shaping the values and commitments of Cure Medical. Bob has been a long-time advocate for people with SCI/D – he served on the board of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for 29 years and has helped raise $15 million for spinal cord research. He continues that phenomenal work through Cure Medical, where 10% of all sales are donated to SCI/D research.

The company’s mission:

  • To our end users, our products will be known for the smoothest eyelets, ease of use, and consistently high quality.
  • To our professional partners, we will perfect and deliver the industry’s highest quality products and services on single use urological products to ensure our partners’ success.
  • To our community, Cure Medical is committed to donating 10% of net income to Spinal Cord Injury and Central Nervous System research.

Cure Medical is a smaller company than the Hollister®s and the Coloplast®s of the world, and urinary catheterization seems to be their number one focus. They work through distributors to get their products into the hands of catheter users. Their trademark features are that their catheters are DEHP-, DINP-, BPA-, and Latex-free (these are all materials that have been found to be harmful in one capacity or another to humans) and their polished eyelets, which prevent scarring and damage to the urethra.

Their website is a bit tricky to navigate, but features a section called Cure Nation, which is a compilation of articles focused on the spinal cord injury and disability communities that seem to be updated regularly. They offer free lifestyle and travel books – including the Wheels UP! Accessible Travel Guide. Nothing too fancy, no personalized recommendations or anything of the like. What the company’s website lacks in polish, it more than makes up for in devotion to the community. You get the sense that Cure Medical truly cares about its customers and their long-term health.

  • Cure Catheter®
  • Cure Catheter® Closed System
  • Cure Hydrophilic Catheter
  • Cure Medical® Pocket Catheters
  • Cure Twist®
  • Cure Ultra®
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